Matsudaira Norihiro (松平乗寛)

Norihiro MATSUDAIRA (January 25, 1778 - December 16, 1839) was a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord), politician and roju (member of shogun's council of elders) in the late Edo period.
He was the third lord of Nishio Domain in Mikawa Province
He was the eighth head of Ogyu Matsudaira family

Norihiro was the first son of Norisada MATSUDAIRA who was the second lord. Norihiro's mother was a daughter of Takechika OCHI-MATSUDAIRA. Norihiro's legal wife was a daughter of Masatomo ABE. Norihiro's children were Noriyasu MATSUDAIRA (the first son), Tadamori MAKINO (the second son), Tadayuki MAKINO (the third son), Noritsune MATSUDAIRA (the fourth son), a daughter (the legal wife of Tadayoshi MIZUNO), a daughter (a wife of some person in the MATSUDAIRA family), and a daughter (a wife of Nobushige MATSUDAIRA). Norihiro's official court rank was Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade), Jiju (chamberlain) and Izumi no kuni no kami (governor of Izumi Province).

Norihiro served as Jisha Bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines) for two terms and Kyoto Shoshidai (the Kyoto deputy), before was assigned to be roju. Norihiro died in 1839 and Noriyasu, his first son, succeeded him.

Personal career
1777: Norihiro MATSUDAIRA was born. 1809: Jisha Bugyo. 1813: Resigned Jisha Bugyo. 1815: Assigned again to be Jisha Bugyo. 1818: Assigned to be Kyoto Shoshidai. 1822: Assigned to be roju.

1839: Died while holding the office of roju. Norihiro died at the age of 63.