Uragami Norimune (浦上則宗)

Norimune URAGAMI (1492 - 1502) was a busho (military commander) in the Muromachi period. His father was Sadamune URAGAMI.
Mimasaka no kami (the governor of Mimasaka Province)
Muramune URAGAMI was his son (or grandson).

Although the Akamatsu clan presided over the Uragami clan and had been shugo (military governor) of Harima Province, Bizen Province and Mimasaka Province, it was destroyed because of their role in assassinating the Seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") Yoshinori ASHIKAGA in the Kakitsu no ran (Kakitsu War). Norimune served for Masanori AKAMATSU and devoted their efforts to rebuilding the Akamatsu clan.

Norimune fought in the Onin War on the side of the Eastern army to recapture the former fief of the Akamatsu clan from Sozen YAMANA, and as a result, the Akamatsu clan recaptured the fief and were appointed to shugo of Harima, Bizen and Mimasaka Provinces. During the Bunmei era, they replaced Sadachika ISE, and Norimune was placed in charge of stratagem which made Takakage ASAKURA (seventh head of the Asakura family) go over to the Eastern army from the Western army, resulting in Norimune's success. After the Onin War, Norimune served as Samurai dokoro shoshi dai (local governor of the Board of Retainers) and Yamashiro no kuni shugo dai (acting Military Governor of Yamashiro Province) concurrently.

After Masanori died, Norimune served Yoshimura AKAMATSU who was the adopted heir, and held the reins power for more than the Akamatsu family.