Kanroji Norinaga (甘露寺規長)

Norinaga KANROJI (August 13, 1713 - January 14, 1784) was a Kugyo (high court noble) during the Edo period. He was the head of the Kanroji family which was Meika (or Meike) (the fourth highest status for court nobles). His foster father was Naonaga KANROJI. His biological father was Naofusa MADENOKOJI. His biological mother was a daughter of Kaneyuki YOSHIDA. His lawful wife was a daughter of Nagasada KURODA, the lord of Akizuki Domain, and his second wife was a daughter of Yasuzumi WAKISAKA, the lord of Tatsuno Domain. His aunt was Joganin (Takehime), the lawful wife of Tsugutoyo SHIMAZU, the fifth lord of Satsuma Domain. His son was Kazunaga KANROJ.
He had three daughters: a daughter named Ayahime (also called Tachihime and Gyokuboin) was the second wife of Shigehide SHIMAZU, the eighth lord of Satsuma Domain),
another daughter was adopted by Munenori NABESHIMA (the lord of Saga Domain) and became the lawful wife of Naohiro NABESHIMA (the lord of Hasunoike Domain, the branch domain of Saga Domain),
and the last one became the lawful wife of Tsugukoto HAGIHARA.

He was promoted to Juichii Gon Dainagon (Junior First Rank, Provisional Chief Councilor of State).