Arima Noriyori (有馬則頼)

Noriyori ARIMA (March 18, 1533 - September 13, 1602) was a Japanese military commander during the time from the Sengoku period (of Japan) to the Azuchi-Momoyama period. He was a Japanese feudal lord in the early Edo period. He was the lord of the Sanda Domain in Settsu Province. He was the first head of the Arima family of the Kurume Domain.

He was the first son of Shigenori ARIMA. His mother was a daughter of Sumimoto HOSOKAWA. His lawful wife was a daughter of Tadaharu BESSHO. He had children including Noriuji ARIMA (the first son), Toyouji ARIMA (the second son), Noritsugi (則次) ARIMA (the third son), Toyonaga (豊長) ARIMA (the fourth son), a daughter (wife of Shigeyori (重頼) ARIMA), a daughter (wife of Shigeaki WATARASE), a daughter (wife of Ujimitsu ISHINO), a daughter (wife of So-and-so NAKAYAMA). He was Gyobukyo Hoin (Minister of Justice with the highest priesthood rank).

He was from a branch family of the Akamatsu clan of Harima Province. When Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI launched the Chugoku Conquest under the order of Nobunaga ODA, he served as a vassal for Hideyoshi and joined the attack on the Mori clan. After that, he joined the Kyusyu Conquest and the dispatch of troops to Korea and then received the fief of Settsu Sanda yielding 20,000-koku (a unit of volume of rice) because of his distinguished military service. Joining the construction of the Fushimi-jo Castle, he distinguished himself and then served as Hideyoshi's otogishu (advisor) in his later years.

After the Hideyoshi's death, he approached Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and joined the Battle of Sekigahara on Eastern Camp in 1600. He died at the age of 70 in 1602. His second son, Toyouji who was the lord of the Fukuchiyama Domain in Tanba Province inherited his property.