Oshisaka no Omaro (忍坂大摩侶)

OSHISAKA no Omaro is a person who lived in the Asuka Period, but his birth and death dates are not known. The first name 'Omaro' is also described as '大麻呂' in Chinese characters. In old Japanese syllabary characters, his name reads 'OSHISAKA no Ohomaro (おしさかのおほまろ).
Oshisaka's kabane (hereditary title) is 'atai.'
In the Jinshin War in 672, OSHISAKA no Omaro was chosen as a messenger to mobilize troops for Otomo no Oji (Prince Otomo, who later became Emperor Kobun), but was caught by the enemy.

When the Imperial Court learned in June 672 that Oama no Miko (Emperor Tenmu) raised an army against it, the Court at Omi no miya dispatched messengers to the regional allies, ordering to mobilize troops to suppress. To the eastern regional allies, INA no Iwasuki, FUMI no Kusuri, and OSHISAKA no Omaro were sent. They reached at the Fuwa-no-seki checking station in the Province of Mino at night on June 26. The Province of Mino had already been on the side of Oama no Miko by then, but it is not clear whether the three messengers knew the fact. FUMI no Kusuri and OSHISAKA no Omaro were interrupted their behind by the ambushes of the enemy, and were eventually caught. INA no Iwasuki, who had been following Fumi and Oshisaka with a distance, returned when he saw the accident of Fumi and Oshisaka.

Takechi no Miko reported on the capture of Fumi and Oshisaka to Oama no Miko next day. According to the words of Takechi no Miko, Fumi and Oshisaka, when questioned, are said to have replied as follows.
We are colleagues of INA no Iwasuki who was dispatched to deliver a message to the eastern region provinces to raise troops, concerning the brother of the Emperor in Yoshino.'
However, Iwasuki turned his back and fled when we were ambushed.'

There are no records on OSHISAKA no Omaro after the incident. Oshisaka is believed to have been among those pardoned after the end of the Jinshin War.