Otomo no Muroya (大伴室屋)

OTOMO no Muroya (date of birth and death unknown) was a member of a Gozoku (local ruling family) in the late fifth century. His kabane (hereditary title) was Muraji. According to the "Kugyobunin" (directory of court nobles), his father is thought to be OTOMO no Takemochi but this is unconvinced because of the different generations. Also he is considered OTOMO no Katari's father (or his older brother) and OTOMO no Kanemura's grandfather. According to the "Shinsen Shojiroku" (Newly Compiled Register of Clan Names and Titles of Nobility), he was an ancestor of the Saeki clan.

According to the "Kugyobunin" (directory of court nobles), he served five emperors, from Emperor Ingyo to Emperor Kenzo as Omuraji (hereditary title). In the period of Emperor Ingyo (son of Emperor Nintoku), he set up Fujiwarabe for Princess SOTOORI no Iratsume. In 458, Emperor Yuryaku ordered Kumebe (a guard) to execute ISHIKAWA no Tate due to committing misconduct with IKETSU no Hime of Baekje. In 479, after the death of Emperor Yuryaku, Muroya was charged with the future affairs and suppressed HOSHIKAWA no Miko insurrection with Yamatonoaya no Tsuka. In 481, he introduced Emperor's bemin sei (the system of Yamato Dynasty) to the various regions; assigned shirakabe toneri (a serf), kashiwade (a cook), yugei (a guard) as replacement for shinabe, buqu, kakibe, koshiro, nashiro, minashiro. Followed the imperial rescript of Emperor Buretsu in 501, he gathered ekicho (construction workers) forcibly and built the substructure of a castle in Mimatanomura (present Kawai town, Nara Prefecture) but this should be Kanemura's achievement.

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