Otomo no Nagatoko (大伴長徳)

OTOMO no Nakatoko (year of birth unknown - 651) was a member of Gozoku (local ruling family) who lived during the Asuka period. His Kabane (hereditary title) was Muraji. He was also called Umakai. His father was OTOMO no Kui. OTOMO no Makuta and OTOMO no Fukei were his brothers. He had children named OTOMO no Miyuki, OTOMO no Yasumaro.

In 632, he welcomed the first Kento-shi (a Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China) and Tang emissary, Gao Biaoren who accompanied them in Nanba and in 642, he offered up shinobigoto (speech given to the spirit of the departed about his/her merit) at Emperor Jomei's funeral parlor on behalf of SOGA no Emishi. It is believed that he was on the Emperor Tenchi side in the Taika Reforms in 645. In 649, he was appointed as Daishi Udaijin (Senior Third Rank of Taiho Ritsuryo, Taiho Code and Minister of the Right).