Otomo no Tsuguhito (大伴継人)

OTOMO no Tsuguhito (year of birth unknown - 785) was a bureaucracy existed during the late Nara Period. His kabane (hereditary title) was Sukune (third highest of the eight hereditary titles). His father was OTOMO no Komaro. One of his children was TOMO no Kunimichi and one of his grandchildren was TOMO no Yoshio.

In 777, he went to Tang as 遣唐使判官 (Third Officer of the Envoy to Tang China), and the following year, 778, he returned to Japan, drifted to Amakusa County, Higo Province
In 781, he served as Kogenshi (Barrier Closer Dispatched on Emergencies) of Mino Province when Emperor Konin became sick. In 785, he was arrested and executed as a mastermind of the assassination of FUJIWARA no Tanetsugu which occurred in Nagaoka-kyo (the ancient capital of Nagaoka) during Emperor Kanmu's visit. It is said that his child, TOMO no Kunimichi, was also exiled to Sadogashima Island to be punished under the collective responsibility of the criminal's relatives.