Abei Rekido (安部井櫟堂)

Rekido ABEI (male, 1805-September 16, 1883) was a modern Japanese tenkokuka (artist of seal engraving).

His name was Kai? (大+介), his azana (adult male's nickname) was Daisuke, and his pseudonym was Kaishu. His popular name was Onto (音門), later Onto (音人). His original family name was Oka. He was from Hikone City, Omi Province.

Brief biography

Born in Omi Province and lived in Oshinokoji Street Kita and Minami, Tominokoji Street, Kyoto. His master in seal engraving is unknown. In 1868, he was appointed as In no tsukasa. He was ordered to carve a seal of the emperor and a seal of state by the Meiji Government when he was in his mid-sixties. He spent one year carving those seals and offered them to the government in 1874. These two gold seals were made of an alloy to maintain the strength. He used byuten to carve the original seal and Zoroku HATA casted in gold. It weighs 4.5 kg.

Inpu (compilation of seal marks)
"Heianmeika Inpu" (1861)
"Tetsunyoi Inpu"