Sakanoue no Haruko (坂上春子)

SAKANOUE no Haruko (year of birth unknown – 834) was a daughter of SAKANOUE no Tamuramaro. She became the wife of the Emperor Kanmu and gave birth to the Imperial Prince Kadoi and Imperial Princess Kasuga. Her posthumous Buddhist name was Jishindaishi.

After the demise of the Emperor Kanmu, she moved to Hirano manor, Sumiyoshi County, Settsu Province (Hirano Ward, Osaka City) relying on her brother, SAKANOUE no Hirono who was the feudal lord of the Hirano manor. She opened Choho-ji Temple, the nunnery of the Sakanoue family, and it became the nunnery of the successive generations of the Sakanoue family. According to the history and genealogy of Choho-ji Temple, the Sakanoue family in Hirano had their residence next to Choho-ji Temple until the Meiji period started. Haruko's grave is in the cemetery of Choho-ji Temple next to Kumata-jinja Shrine, in Hiranomiya-machi, along with the other graves of the Sakanoue family.