Sakanoue no Ono (坂上大野)

SAKANOUE no Ono was the first son of SAKANOUE no Tamuramaro. He was the Gon no suke (provisional vice governor) of Mutsu. His younger brothers include SAKANOUE no Hirono, SAKANOUE no Kiyono, and SAKANOUE no Masano.

He succeeded his father, Tamuramaro, and engaged in the management of Tohoku, but he died young. His younger brother, Hirono succeeded the headship of the Sakanoue clan.

His son, SAKANOUE no Ujitaka, seems to have been in the capital as Shungu (the Court for the Crown Prince) gonno-shoshin (Junior Office Secretary). His son SAKANOUE no 樹並 was probably engaged in the management of Tohoku, which was the hereditary of the Sakanoue clan, as he is said have been the Akitajo no suke (provincial governor of Akita-jo castle in Dewa Province).