Sanuki no Naganao (讃岐永直)

SANUKI no Naganao (783-September 14, 862) was a scholar of law (Myobo) in the early Heian period. He came from Samukawa County, Sanuki Province.

He is famous for one of the compilers of "Ryo-no-gige" (Commentary on the Ritsuryo system). His daughter was the koi (a high-rank lady-in-waiting in the court) serving Imperial Prince Tokiyasu (later, Emperor Koko).


He was selected as Myobo tokugyosho (a distinguished law student who won a scholarship) in 815 and became Myobo hakase (Professor of Law) in 830 and daihanji (a higher-rank judge) later. He was conferred the kabane (hereditary title) of Asomi in 836. In 848, however, he was displaced to Tosa Province as joint-punishment for his relative WAKE no Tadayuki's crime. Two years later, he was allowed to return to the capital and was received Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) at the age of 77 in 859.

Some episodes about Naganao are recorded, and they include:

Even after retirement, he was allowed to give lectures on the Ritsuryo system at home specially.

Before asking Kento-shi (a Japanese envoy to the Tang Dynasty China) to bring question letters addressed to law experts in Tang China, the Imperial Court showed the contents of the letters to Naganao. He could give correct answers to all the questions, and the Court did not bother asking an envoy to submit the letters.

He was the author of "Sanki" (the original text was lost), a book which is frequently quoted in "Ryo-no-gige."