Shimada no Nobukiko (島田宣来子)

SHIMADA no Nobukiko (850 - the year of death is unknown) was the lawful wife of SUGAWARA no Michizane. Her father was SHIMADA no Tadaomi, who is said to have been a teacher of Michizane.

She married to Michizane around 875 when Michizane was monjosho (student of literary studies in the Imperial University). She is said to have given birth to the heir SUGAWARA no Takami and SUGAWARA no Enshi (Hiroko) who became the Emperor Uda's Nyogo (a consort of an emperor). In 899, the Retired Emperor Uda made a royal visit to Nobukiko at the celebration of her fiftieth birthday held in Michizane's house and conferred Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) upon her.

After Michizane was demoted, Nobukiko is said to have remained in Kyoto. No information on her later life has been found and the age of her death is unknown.