Shimotsukenu no Iwashiro (下毛野石代)

SHIMOTSUKENU no Iwashiro (year of birth and death unknown) was a noble who lived from Asuka period to Nara period. He was from the Shimotsukenu clan based in Shimotsuke Province. His main name was SHIMOTSUKENU no Ason (second highest of the eight hereditary titles), however, according to Shoku Nihongi (Chronicle of Japan Continued), on May 2, 707, SHIMOTSUKENU no Komaro, a member of his family, asked the Imperial Court if SHIMOTSUKENU no Iwashiro could change Iwashiro's family name into 'SHIMOTSUKENU no Kawachi Ason' from 'SHIMOTSUKENU no Ason' and received permission for it, therefore it is believed that Iwashiro changed his family name into SHIMOTSUKENU no Kawachi Ason at this point.


On September 2, 701, Iwashiro offered tributes to the exploits of departed TAJIHI no Shima on behalf of government official (lower or middle ranked) by order of the Emperor Monmu. Iwashiro's rank was Jushichii (Junior Seventh Rank, Lower Grade) at that time.

He was granted Jurokuinoge (Junior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade) on February 22, 715.

On November 7, 720, when the murder of KAMITSUKENO Hiroto, Inspector of Mutsu (Mutsu no Azechi) occurred in Mutsu Province, Iwashiro who had been sakyo no suke (a governor who supervised central administration, security and administration of justice) and ranked as Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) was appointed to Seii fukushogun (sub commander of the expeditionary force against the barbarians) by the Empress Gensho and conquered it.