Soga no Murajiko (蘇我連子)

SOGA no Murajiko (611? – 664) was a male member of a local ruling family in the Asuka Period. He belonged to the Soga clan. Murajiko was a male noble (while today Japanese given names ending in the syllable "ko" are mostly for females, at this time the syllable "ko" was often attached to the end of both male and female given names). His father was SOGA no Kuramaro, also known as SOGA no Omasa ("Kugyobunin"). SOGANOKURA-YAMADA no Ishikawamaro, SOGA no Himuka and SOGA no Akae were his brothers. SOGA no Yasumaro and SOGA no Shoshi, who became a wife of FUJIWARA no Fuhito, were his children. His name was shortened as 'Muraji' in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) and "Fuso Ryakki" (A Brief History of Japan) but spelled differently in Chinese characters.

The obituary section in the article of May of the third year of 'Chronicles of Emperor Tenchi' of "Nihonshoki" was the only contemporary historical material relating to SOGA no Murajiko.
We assume that he was a minister during the reign of Empress Saimei and Emperor Tenchi on the ground that his official court rank at this time was recorded as 'Daishi' and the obituary wrote: 'the minister SOGA no Murajiko died'
According to "Fuso Ryakki," he was 'udaijin' (minister of the right). It is probable that he took over the position from KOSE no Tokuta, who died in 658, or OTOMO no Nagatoko. Unfortunately, his achievements as a minister are unknown.

While some scholars believe, based on "Nihonshoki," that Murajiko died in May, others argue that he passed away in March as "Fuso Ryakki" shows.