Matsudaira Sadakiyo (松平定静)

Sadakiyo MATSUDAIRA (November 13, 1729 - August 25, 1779) was a daimyo (a feudal lord) who lived in the Edo period. He was the second feudal lord of the branch clan of Iyo-Matsuyama in Iyo Province, and later the eighth feudal lord of the Iyo-Matsuyama clan. He was the ninth head of the Hisamatsu-Matsudaira family of the Sadakatsu lineage.

He was the oldest son of Sadaakira MATSUDAIRA, the first feudal lord of Iyo-Matsuyama Shinden clan. His biological mother was Hokoin, a concubine (a daughter of the Matsumoto clan). His lawful wife was a daughter of Nobukata ODA. His children were four daughters (the lawful wife of Sadayasu MATSUDAIRA, the lawful wife of Nobumichi MATSUDAIRA, the lawful wife of Suketake OTA [a legitimate child in Kakegawa clan], and the lawful wife of Nobutomo AKIMOTO). His official rank and post were Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade), Bitchu no kami (the governor of Bitchu Province), Oki no kami (Governor of Oki Province), and chamberlain. His childhood name was Gennosuke.


He was born on November 13, 1729. In 1747, he inherited the property of 10,000 koku crop yield in a branch domain of Iyo-Matsuyama by his father Sadaakira's death. In the same year, he was appointed to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Bitchu no kami. In 1765, due to his cousin and the feudal lord of the head family, Sadakatsu MATSUDAIRA, suddenly falling ill, he was adopted by the head family and next day succeeded the head family. The 10,000 koku in Shinden Domain was not returned to the Matsuyama clan; it was returned to the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) and Matsuyama Shinden Domain disappeared.

In the same year, he was reassigned to Oki no kami. Although he chose his oldest son, Kumataro, as his heir, Kumataro died young at the age of four in 1766. In this year, he was promoted to Jushiinoge. In 1768, by an order of the bakufu, he adopted the sixth son of Munetake TOKUGAWA, Toyomaru, and named him Sadakuni. In 1770, with the enthronement of Emperor Gomomozono, he was appointed a chamberlain as a messenger. In Kyoto he was granted an audience with Emperor Gomomozono. The following year, he was appointed as shikoseki (anteroom seats for feudal lords and direct retainer of the shogun at the Edo-jo Castle), following his adoptive grandfather, Sadataka MATSUDAIRA. On August 21, 1779, he suddenly fell ill. On 25 of the same month, he died at his Atagoshita kamiyashiki (daimyo's regular residence in Atagoshita), Edo-Matsuyama clan's hantei (residence maintained by daimyo in Edo). Died at the age of 51. His hogo (a Buddhist name) was 岱嶽院殿従四位拾遺補闕故隠州徇誉観月光円大居士. The body was buried at Saikai-ji Temple in Mita, Edo. His hair was sent from Saikai-ji Temple, via Kisoji Road, to Dairin-ji Temple in Matsuyama City, where a Buddhist memorial service was conducted.