Kazanin Sadamasa (花山院定雅)

Sadamasa KAZANIN (December 21, 1218 - March 28, 1294) was a kugyo (court noble) who lived in the Kamakura period. He was the third son of Tadatsune KAZANIN. His mother was a daughter of Muneyuki HAMURO (or a daughter of Yoshiyasu ICHIJO). His younger brother was Morotsugu KAZANIN. His title was Awataguchi Nyudo Udaijin or Gokazanin. He was appointed to Shonii (Senior Second Rank), Udaijin (Minister of the right), Naidaijin (Minister of the Center), then Dainagon (Chief Councilor of the State). His children were Michimasa KAZANIN, Sadanori KAZANIN (Gon Dainagon, or the Provisional Major Counselor), and Nagamasa KAZANIN.


He was born in 1218 as the third son of Tadatsune KAZANIN.

He was appointed to Sangi (Councilor) in 1234.

He was appointed to Naidaijin in 1252.

He was also appointed to Udaijin in 1252, and served until 1254.

He entered the priesthood on November 27, 1256.

He died in 1294.