Toki Sadamasa (土岐定政)

Sadamasa TOKI (1551 - April 19, 1597) was a busho (Japanese military commander) (feudal lord) who lived from the Sengoku period to Azuchi Momoyama period. His father was Sadaaki. His mother was Sadahiro SUGANUMA's daughter. His childhood name was Aigikumaru. His another childhood name was Fujikura. His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Yamashiro no kuni no kami (Governor of Yamashiro Province). The first lord of Moriya Domain of Shimousa Province. He belonged to the lineage of the Akechi clan, and it is also said that Yorinori AKECHI, a brother of Sadaaki's father Yoritomo AKECHI, was also Mitsutsugu AKECHI, the grandfather of Mitsuhide AKECHI.

Since his father Sadaaki died after being involved in the internal conflict between Dosan SAITO and Yorinari TOKI, the governor of Mino Province, he escaped to his maternal grandfather Sadahiro SUGANUMA's place. Then he was parted from his mother due to her re-marriage to Sadakatsu OKUDAIRA, the neighboring clan, and then he was sent to and adopted by Sadanori SUGANUMA, who was the younger brother of his mother. Due to this, he spent most of his life under the SUGANUMA name, Fujizo SUGANUMA. In 1564, he was invited by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA to serve as his vassal, and in 1565 he had his first fight, the Battle of Anegawa, and after that he participated in many of Ieyasu's battles and achieved military exploits, and was praised by Ieyasu as a busho distinguished in military arts. Due to these achievements, he became Daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) in 1582, receiving 10,000 koku (crop fields) in Minobu-cho, Koma District, Kai Province.

He had many military exploits such as Battle of Komaki-Nagakute in 1584, and conquest and siege of Odawara in 1590, and these achievements brought him 10,000 koku in Moriya City Soma County, Shimousa Province when Ieyasu got transferred to Kanto after the conquest. His heroic act was praised by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, and in 1593, he was promoted to the Junior Fifth Rank and Yamashiro no Kami (Governor of Yamashiro), and was permitted to revive the fallen family name of TOKI, and became a Daimyo (feudal lord). In 1597 April 19, he died at the age of 47, and his son Sadayoshi TOKI succeeded his family. His wife was Mototada TORII's daughter. He had a daughter Naoko (lawful wife of Narishige HONDA).