Makino Sadamichi (牧野貞通)

Sadamichi MAKINO was a daimyo (feudal lord) during the Edo period. Initially he was the 2nd generational lord of the Nobeoka domain in Hyuga Province. He became the first lord of the Kasama domain in Hitachi Province. Sadamichi MAKINO was part of the 4th generation of the Makino family with ties to Narisada.

Sadamichi MAKINO was the eldest son of Sadamichi MAKINO who was a close aide to Tsunayoshi TOKUGAWA. His mother was Lady FUJITA; a noble's concubine. Sadamichi MAKINO was born when Narisada was 73 years old.
Sadamichi's childhood names were 'Konosuke' and 'Sadatomo.'
After Narisada, his adopted son Nariharu MAKINO became head of the Makino family and his eldest son (Narinaka MAKINO) continued the family line however, because Narinaka died early (age 21) Sadamichi was called upon to inherit the role of family head.

In 1734 at 28 years of age, Sadamichi was appointed as Master of Ceremonies ('Soshaban') and the following year (1735) was appointed as Commissioner of Temples and Shrines ('Jisha Bugyo'). In 1742, Sadamichi was promoted to Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and served as the Shogun's senior representative monitoring the imperial court in Kyoto (Kyoto Shoshidai). Sadamichi's performance of his duties was recognized and in 1747 he was transferred to the role in the Hitachi-Kasama domain. Sadamichi died In 1749 at 49 years of age. Since his second son Sadataka predeceased Sadamichi, he was succeeded by his third son Sadanaga.

Personal History
1719: Inherits role of family head.
1734: Master of Ceremonies ('Soshaban')
1735 (June 22): Commissioner of Temples and Shrines ('Jisha Bugyo')
1742: Shogun's senior representative monitoring the imperial court in Kyoto (Kyoto Shoshidai)
1747: Shifts to Kasama domain
1749: Dies age 43

Official Ranks & Titles
1721: Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Governor of Ecchu Province
1742: Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade), Chaimberlain (Jiju), Governor of Bingo Province