Matsudaira Sadamichi (松平定猷)

Sadamichi MATSUDAIRA (July 4, 1834 - September 18, 1859) was a Daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) during the end of the Edo Period. The third lord of Kuwana Domain in Ise Province. The twelfth head of the Hisamatsu-Matsudaira family of the Sadatsuna family line.

He was the first son of the second lord, Sadakazu MATSUDAIRA. His mother was the daughter of Shigehide SHIMAZU, Takahime. His legal wife was the daughter of Yukiyoshi SANADA. His children were Sadanori MATSUDAIRA (first son) and Hatsuko (legal wife of Sadaaki MATSUDAIRA).

He was born on July 4, 1834. He was commonly known as Kazunoshin. His names other than Sadamichi were Sadamune and yu. His court rank and positions were Jushiinoge (Junior Forth Rank, Lower Grade), Ecchu no kuni no kami (Governor of Ecchu Province), Jiju (chamberlain). Upon his father, Sadakazu's death in 1842, he became the lord of his domain although he was young. However, the Great Fire and Famine of Kuwana happened the year he became the lord of domain. His rule was difficult because of the natural disasters that struck, such as the Great Earthquake of Ansei in 1854. As a result, the Domain was in dire fiscal straits because of the costs for relief and countermeasure programs against natural disasters.

When Iesada TOKUGAWA became the thirteenth Shogun in 1853, he started to call himself Michi to avoid using the same character 'Sada'. He was ordered to guard Kyoto in 1859, but fell ill from stress and work due to the poor finances of his domain and died at the young age of 26 on August 21 (August 22). After his death the family head was succeeded by his son-in-law, Sadakei MATSUDAIRA, who married his legal wife's child, Hatsuko because his first son, Sadanori's mother was a concubine and was still young.
His hogo (Buddhist name): Eitetsu indenKanyoshitoku Kendo Daikoji
His grave is at Reigan-ji Temple in Shirakawa, Koto Ward, Tokyo.