Matsudaira Sadataka (松平定喬)

Sadataka MATSUDAIRA (July 27, 1716 - May 3, 1763) was a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) who lived during the Edo period. He was the sixth feudal lord of the Iyo-Matsuyama clan. He was the seventh head of the Hisamatsu-Matsudaira family of the Sadakatsu lineage.

He was the oldest son of Sadahide MATSUDAIRA, the fifth feudal lord. His mother was a daughter of Tsunataka SHIMAZU (also known as Shingein, Sadahide's lawful wife and a granddaughter of Sadayori MATSUDAIRA, the second feudal lord). His lawful wife was a daughter of Yoshimine SATAKE. He had a child called Tetsu (who became the lawful wife of Sadakuni MATSUDAIRA). His childhood name was Momosuke. His official rank and government post were Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade), Oki no kami (Governor of Oki Province), and chamberlain.


He was born on July 27, 1716. In 1730, he was appointed to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Yamashiro no kami (Governor of Yamashiro Province). Three years later, due to death of his father Sadahide, he inherited the property of Matsuyama domain of 15,000 koku crop yields. Two months later, he was transferred to Oki no kami.

In 1736, for the 149th anniversary of death of his ancestor, Yokoin (Toshikatsu HISAMATSU), he performed a Buddhist memorial service at Anraku-ji Temple in Mikawa Province. In 1736, he was promoted to Jushiinoge. In 1747, for gashi (congratulations) of investiture of the Crown Prince of Emperor Momozono, he was appointed as a messenger to the Imperial Court and was appointed to a chamberlain. He went to Kyoto and was granted an audience with Emperor Sakuramachi. In 1756, he was appointed to shikoseki (anteroom seats for feudal lords and direct retainer of the shogun at the Edo-jo castle) to which no one had been appointed for 100 years since the first-generation Sadayuki MATSUDAIRA. In 1763, he fell ill and soon fell into a critical condition, and he adopted his younger brother Sadanari MATSUDAIRA as his heir. Then on May 3, he died at his Atagoshita kamiyashiki (daimyo's regular residence in Atagoshita), Edo-Matsuyama clan's hantei (residence maintained by daimyo in Edo). Died at the age of 48.

His hogo (a Buddhist name) was 顕徳院殿従四位拾遺補闕前隠州順誉和光慈観大居士. The body was buried at Saikai-ji Temple in Mita. The hair was sent to Dairin-ji Temple in Matsuyama City, where a Buddhist memorial service was conducted. Since then, feudal lords were buried at Saikai-ji Temple in Mita and their hair sent to Dairin-ji Temple in Matsuyama.