Shoni Sadatsune (少弐貞経)

Sadatsune SHONI (born in 1272, birth date unknown - April 19, 1336) was a military commander who lived from the late Kamakura period through the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). He was a son of Moritsune SHONI.


When Taketoki KIKUCHI attacked Hidetoki HOJO of the Chinzei Tandai (a bakufu-appointed functionary in the Hakata region) in March, 1333, Sadatsune took the side of Hidetoki and Taketoki was killed in battle. When he was informed that Rokuhara Tandai officers (chief officers of the Kamakura bakufu in Kyoto whose agency was responsible for security of Kinai, judicial affairs in western Japan, and also for any negotiations with the Imperial Court) were killed by Takauji ASHIKAGA, Sadatsune betrayed Hidetoki and had him killed in a battle. As a reward for his performance, he was appointed to be the Director of Chikuzen, Buzen, and Chikugo Provinces under the Kenmu Restoration. When Takauji initiated a rebellion against Emperor Godaigo using the Nakasendai Rebellion as an opportunity in 1335, Sadatsune joined the battle, and in February, 1336, he dispatched reinforcements led by his own son Yorinao SHONI. However, knowing that the major force had left its base, the Emperor Godaigo's sect including Taketoshi KIKUCHI and Korenao ASO invaded Sadatsune's territory. Although Sadatsune fought hard against them, he was in the end forced to kill himself in Uchiyama-jo Castle on February 29 of the same year. He was 65 years old. His posthumous Buddhist name was Myoekokan. His post was taken over by his son, Yorinao.