Matsudaira Sadayoshi (松平定良)

Sadayoshi MATSUDAIRA was the second lord of Kuwana Domain in Ise Province. He was the second generation of the Hisamatsu-Matsudaira family of the Sadatsuna family line.

He was born in Yamashiro-Yodo in 1632 as the second son of Sadatsuna MATSUDAIRA, who was the keeper of Yodo-jo Castle in Yamashiro Province. He became the heir because his older brother, Sadatsugu, died young. He was known for his intelligence from a young age, and when there was a great flood near the Kuwana-jo Castle, he went on the boat himself to save the people of his domain. When his father passed away on February 4, 1652, he took over as the head of the family and became the 4th lord of the domain on April 1, 1652.

However, though much was expected of him, he did not have much time for the duties of the domain because he was born with poor health, and he went to Arima Onsen often to recuperate. He fell ill and passed away in Kyoto on July 18, 1657, on the way back to his province from Arima Onsen. Died at the age of 26. His adopted son, Sadashige MATSUDAIRA, took over thereafter.

It seems that he had won his vassals' confidence, and after he died 3 of his vassals immolated themselves. Throughout his life he did not take a lawful wife, but it is said that that was because he had fallen in love with a merchant's daughter.