Arakida Samanosuke (荒木田左馬之助)

Samanosuke Arakida (1838 - November 7, 1863) was a member of Shinsengumi (a group who guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate). Detective of affairs of State, concerns of the nation. His name is usually spelled 左馬之助, but it is also spelled 左馬之允 or 左馬之亮.

It is said that he joined Shinsengumi because he was instructed by Kogoro KATSURA of Choshu clan to spy Shinsengumi with Isetake MIKURA, but whether it is true or not is unknown.

On November 6, 1863, he attacked Shinpachi NAGAKURA, Kingo NAKAMURA, and so on, but failed. On the following day (seventh), he was put to the sword by Shintaro HAYASHI and others while he was doing keppatsu (hairdressing) in the headquarters. It seems that he was falsely charged of assassination of the Head of Shinsengumi because the date of assassination of Kamo SERIZAWA was close.