Ogimachi Sanetoyo (正親町実豊)

Sanetoyo OGIMACHI (January 12, 1620-March 19, 1703) was a kuge (court noble) in the early part of the Edo period. He mainly served the three emperors: the Emperor Gokomyo (110th), the Emperor Gosai (111th) and the Emperor Reigen (112th).

He was a son of Suetoshi OGIMACHI (Sangi (councilor) in Shoshiinojo (Senior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade)). His mother was a daughter of Katsumori KIMURA (Governor of Echizen Province in Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade)). He was ordained in 1621 and was promoted to jiju in Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade) after genpuku (celebrate one's coming of age) in 1633. After that, he had held positions such as Ukone no shosho (Minor Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards), Ukone no chujo (Middle Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards) and Kurodo no to (Head Chamberlain), and was promoted to Sangi and raised to the peerage as Kugyo (the top court officials) in 1644. And through the position of Chunagon (vice-councilor of state), he was promoted to Gon Dainagon (provisional chief councilor of state) in Junii (Junior Second Rank) in 1656, but resigned in 1658. He had been in charge of bukedenso-yaku (an officer who communicated with bakufu, or Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) from 1664 to 1670. When the Emperor Reigen began direct administration after the death of the Cloistered Emperor Gomizunoo, Sanetoyo fell into disfavor with him as "pro-bakufu clique" partly because the Emperor Reigen hated the bakufu and because he was in charge of bukedenso-yaku, and was ordered to be placed in confinement at home since 1683. Later, he was pardoned at the time of the abdication of the throne of the emperor. He died in 1703. He was 85 years old. The family estate was succeeded by his son Kinmichi OGIMACHI.

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