Sanjo Saneyuki (三条実行)

Saneyuki SANJO (1080 - September 9, 1162) was a court noble and the first head of the Sanjo family who lived in the late Heian period. He was achieved the rank of Juichii, (Junior First Rank) and assumed the position of Daijo-daijin (Grand minister of state). He was the second son of FUJIWARA no Kinzane. His mother was a daughter of FUJIWARA no Motosada. His children were Kiminori SANJO and so on.

He had a half sister, FUJIWARA no Shoshi who was the empress of Emperor Toba and biological mother of Emperor Sutoku and Emperor Goshirakawa, because of this relationship, he served closely to the retired Emperor Sutoku together with his younger brother, Saneyoshi TOKUDAIJI at first and countered Emperor Konoe's biological mother, Empress Dowager Bifuku and her party. In the appointment of Sadaisho (Major Captain the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards) in 1140, he was nominated as candidate for the position at the retired Emperor Sutoku's recommendation, but Cloistered Emperor Toba who was Chiten no kimi (the retired emperor in power) rejected the nomination (MINAMOTO no Masasada assumed the position of Sadaisho). Later in 1149, he was assigned to serve as Udaijin (minister of the right) with the support of the retired Emperor Sutoku and FUJIWARA no Yorinaga, which was the first time for a member of the Kanin-ryu Fujiwara clan was promoted as a minister. In addition, he was promoted to the position of Daijo-daijin the following year.

However, the Kanin family seceded from the retired Emperor Sutoku's party through political incidents such as the downfall of Yorinaga in 1155 and the demise of the Cloistered Emperor Toba which occurred the following year. As a result, the family status was maintained after the Hogen War and Saneyuki's descendants flourished as the Sanjo family which was one of the Seiga family (one of the highest court noble families in Japan at that time).