Yoshikawa Sanzaemon (吉川三左衛門)

Sanzaemon YOSHIKAWA contributed to develop a town then called Imahama into the Nagahama castle town following the order made by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI. One of the Nagahama juhinshu (Ten influential families in Naagahama) and Nagahama sandoshiyori (Three influential families in Nagahama).

He was from Hayazaki Village, Azai County, Omi Province (the present Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture). His grave is located in Chizen-in Temple, Hoshozan of the Tendai Shinsei sect. Nagahama City Nagahama kindergarten is currently located on the site where the Yoshikawa family lived, and their gatepost has still remained. The Yoshikawa family had taken over the name Sanzaemon YOSHIKAWA for generations. The son of Sanzaemon (Gosuke) who lived during the end of Edo Period, was Shunan ARAKI, who was adopted by Juzan ARAKI and became a Chinese medicine doctor. Shunan's daughter, Yo, was married to Sozo OZAKI (also known as Kokusai OZAKI or Kokusai TAKEDA) who was a famous netsuke (miniature carving attached to the end of a cord hanging from a pouch) artisan and professional jester of Shibashinmei, Edo. Sozo OZAKI's first son was Koyo OZAKI, the writer.