Makino Sayoko (マキノ佐代子)

Sayoko MAKINO (マキノ佐代子, her real name is Sayoko MAKINO [牧野左代子]) (April 29, 1958 -) is an actress born in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Prefecture. She dropped out of Faculty of Arts and Literature, Seijo University. She is the oldest daughter among three children (one brother and two sisters) of Masahiro MAKINO (film director) and actress Yumiko OTORI. Her older paternal half-brother is Masayuki MAKINO (President of Okinawa Actors School Co., Ltd.).

In 1968, she made her debut in the Fuji TV drama "The Ishikari Plain" as a child actress when she was in the fourth grade of elementary school. In 1979, she made her film debut in the Toei movie "Socho no Kubi" (Neck of the President). In the same year, she played the lead character in the NHK drama "Osaka Oyafuko Dori" (Osaka Street of Undutiful Children) and gained popularity in TV dramas.