Onishi Seiemon (大西清右衛門)

Seiemon ONISHI was a Kamashi (craftsman who made kettles for use in tea ceremony) of one of the ten craftsmen families for the Senke (House of Sen). The Onishi family are a family of Kyoto Kamashi who can trace their heritage for more than 400 years from the late Muromachi period. The fourth family head called himself Seiemon and henceforth the head of every generation from the sixth head onwards (excluding the ninth head) took the name Seiemon. The factory is located on the corner of Sanjo-dori Street and Kamanza-dori Street in Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, where the "Onishi Seiwemon Museum" is also located.

Currently, the 16th Seiemon is the family head. He was born as the first son of the 15th head and graduated the Metalwork Course, Crafts Department, Osaka University of Arts. After his father retired, he succeeded the name and became the 16th Seiemon in 1993.