Hatano Seiichi (波多野精一)

Seiichi HATANO (July 21, 1877- January 17, 1950) was a Japanese expert in the history of philosophy and in the philosophy of religion.

He was a luminary of the Kyoto school, along with Kitaro NISHIDA.

Ken ISHIHARA, Michitaro TANAKA, and Kuniyoshi OBARA number among his pupils.


1877: Seiichi was born in Matsumoto town (currently, Matsumoto City) in Chikuma County, Nagano Prefecture.

1896: He enrolled in a Philosophy course at Tokyo Imperial University.

1899: He graduated from Tokyo Imperial University. He then entered the graduate school.

1901: He published "Outline of History of Western Philosophy."

1908: He published "Origin of Christianity."

1909: He graduated from the graduate school of Tokyo Imperial University.

1917: After working as an instructor at Tokyo Imperial University, he became a professor at Kyoto Imperial University.

1935: He published "Philosophy of Religion."

1937: He retired from Kyoto Imperial University.

1940: He published "Introductory Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion."

1943: He published "Time and Eternity."

1947: He assumed the post of professor at Tamagawa University.

1947: He was appointed President of Tamagawa University.

1950: He passed away.

Literary works

His literary works are compiled in "Complete Works of Seiichi HATANO" (Iwanami Shoten, Publisher), which comprises six volumes. The following are books that are easily available or important.

"Outline of History of Western Philosophy" (Reconstructed by Noriyuki MAKINO, Publisher Michitani)
"Origin of Christianity and Another Work" (Iwanami Bunko, Iwanami Shoten)
"Early Christianity" (Iwanami Zensho, Iwanami Shoten)
"Philosophy of Religion" (Iwanami Shoten)
"Introductory Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion" (Iwanami Shoten)
"Time and Eternity" (Iwanami Shoten)
"Philosophy of Religion, " "Introductory Lectures on Philosophy of Religion," and "Time and Eternity" are collectively called 'Philosophy of Religion Trilogy.'
The three books are integrated into the single book "Seiichi HATANO's Philosophy of Religion, "which is published by Shoshi Shinsui.