Kokubo Seikichi (小久保清吉)

Seikichi KOKUBO (1847 - December 7, 1868 was a feudal retainer of the Karatsu clan in the end of Edo period. Later, he joined Shinsengumi (a group who guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate). His family name is usually spelled 小久保, and also 小窪.

He was born as the first son of Yakichi KOKUBO, a feudal retainer of the Karatsu clan.

During the Boshin War, because the lord of the domain Nagamichi OGASAWARA agreed to go to Ezo with Takeaki ENOMOTO, he joined Shinsengumi under control of Toshizo HIJIKATA and went to Ezo with him. In the Battle of Togeshita in the early stage of Hakodate War, he tracked the enemy who killed Yutaka MIYOSHI (Hannosuke OGASAWARA, younger brother of Nagamichi), but was hit in the chest by the enemy and killed on the way. Died at 22.