Kuriyama Senpo (栗山潜鋒)

Senpo KURIYAMA (1671 - 1706) was a Neo-Confucian scholar who lived during the middle of the Edo period. He was a feudal retainer of the Mito clan.

He was born in Yodo, Yamashiro Province, and he learned from Shoun KUWANA (桑名松雲), who was the follower of Ansai YAMAZAKI. In 1692, he was invited by Mitsukuni TOKUGAWA, the lord of the Mito Domain, to work for the compilation of the "Dainihonshi" (The Great History of Japan) with Kanran MIYAKE and Tanpaku ASAKA.

He wrote books such as the "Hoken Taiki" (The Record of Japan from the Hogen Era to the Kenkyu Era).