Shigeyama Sensaku (茂山千作)

Sensaku SHIGEYAMA was a professional name of Okura-ryu (the Okura school) of Kyogen (farce played during a Noh play cycle). The current Sensaku is the fourth generation.

Sensaku, the first
It was the name of Sengoro Masatora SHIGEYAMA after his retirement.

Sensaku, the second
(October 27, 1864-February 5, 1950)

He was the third son of Sensaku, the first. He was born in Kyoto. His real name was Ichizo. In 1888, he succeeded to Sengoro Masashige, the 10th and in 1906, he started up Otogi kurabu (Fairy club) with Sazanami IWAYA, Takehiko KURUSHIMA, and so on, by which he worked to promote Kyogen among children. In 1946, he announced himself as Sensaku, the second. He kept friends with Junichiro TANIZAKI and appeared with his children in Tanizaki's essay 'The moon and a kyogen performer' (1949).

Sensaku, the third
(August 22, 1896-July 19, 1986)

He was an adopted child of Sensaku, the second. He was born in Kyoto and his real name was Masakazu. In 1946, he succeeded to Sengoro, the 11th when his father-in-law became Sensaku, and in 1966 he became Sensaku, the third. In 1976, he was designated an Important Intangible Cultural Property (Living National Treasure). He wrote "Kyogen 85 years Sensaku SHIGEYAMA" (1984 Tankosha Publishing Co., Ltd).

Sensaku, the fourth
(December 28, 1919)

He is the eldest son of Sensaku, the third. He real name is Shime. In 1966, he succeeded to Sengoro, the 12th. He received an Award from the Ministry of Education in Art Encouragement in 1983, Shiju hosho (medal of honor with purple ribbon) in 1985, and was designated a Living National Treasure in 1989. He became a member of the Japan Art Academy in 1991 and announced himself as Sensaku, the fourth in 1994. He was selected as a Bunkakorosha (Person of Cultural Merits) in 2000. He received the Order of Culture in 2007. He is actively involved in new Kyogen, Kabuki (traditional drama performed by male actors), stage, drama, and so on. Sennojo SHIGEYAMA, the second is his younger brother and his children include Sengoro SHIGEYAMA, the 13th, Shime SHIGEYAMA (the second), and Senzaburo SHIGEYAMA. He wrote "Sengoro kyogen banashi (autobiography of Sengoro)" (1983 Kodansha Ltd.) and "A kyogen performer in Kyoto" (2004 Sekai Bunka Publishing Inc.).