Mikumo Sensho (三雲仙嘯)

Sensho MIKUMO (male, 1769 - January 21, 1845) was a Tenkoku artist (a carver who carved Chinese characters in the special, Tensho, style) who lived in Japan in the latter half of the Edo period.

His name was Takashi. He was also called Shiko, and used Sensho (仙嘯) or Sensho jin (仙嘯人) in addition to Sensho (仙嘯) as the title for his profession. He was commonly called Chusho. He came from Kyoto.

Summary of his personal history
He lived in Sagano of Kyoto and also in Kawahigashi Marutamachi Street, and his family line had engaged in medical practice for generations. He liked to read books, to make poems in Chinese, make haiku poems and to practice tea ceremonies. He studied the method of carving Tensho-style Chinese characters under Shikin KATSU, and was especially good at practicing the carving method. At a request of Shingon sect Daikaku-ji school at Saga Daikaku-ji Temple, he restored "Bunkanshirin" (a book of Chinese poems in China). He published many Inpu (a compilation of seal marks), including "Kaisaishinji." Suichiku NAKAMURA and Suiseki MIBU were his followers.

He was 77 years old when he died. His grave is located in Junen-ji Temple in Teramachi-dori (belonging to the Jodo sect; the sango (literally, "mountain name"), which is the title prefixed to the name of a Buddhist temple, is Kagusan). His posthumous Buddhist name is Senshoin Gikuso Ko Koji (僊嘯院義空宗孝居士).