Matsunaga Shakugo (Sekigo) (松永尺五)

Shakugo (Sekigo) MATSUNAGA (1592 – July 12, 1657) was a Confucian scholar in the Edo period. Born in Kyoto. Son of Teitoku MATSUNAGA. He also used the name Shozo (昌三) and byname Kanen (遐年). As a renowned problem solver during the Warring States period in Japan, Shakugo's great-grandfather was Hisahide MATSUNAGA, a well known master of the tea ceremony.

As a pupil of Seika FUJIWARA, Shakugo affiliated himself with the Teishu school of Confucianism.
Along with Razan HAYASHI/Kassho NABA/Kyoan HORI he formed part of the 'Kamon big four.'

Serving no roles at a bakufu (shogunate) or domain level, they created the private school 'Shunju-kan' (lit. 'Spring and Autumn') in Kyoto. Subsequently, other institutes (the 'Koshu-do (Training) Institute' and 'Shakugo-do Institute') were also established.

There were many pupils: Junan KINOSHITA and Ekiken KAIBARA etc.

Chief Literary Works
Selections from the complete Buddhist scriptures
A drop in the Ocean
Irinsho (Commentary about the Everlasting Human Relations)
Key Chapters from the Five Confucian classics
Actual records of the Four Confucian Texts
Collection of post-ancient writings
Collection of Shakugo`s writings.