Fukuo Shigejuro (福王茂十郎)

Shigejuro FUKUO (October 18, 1943 -) is a Noh actor of the Fukuo school of waki-kata (supporting actors). The 16th head of the Fukuo school. The present head of the school. His real name is Teruyuki.

He is the eldest son of Shigejuro FUKUO the 15th. He was apprenticed to his father. The general holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property. He presides over the Fukuo Nogaku Kanshokai. He performed revived and rare pieces of Noh plays such as "Aizome Gawa" (The Resurrection of a Woman at Aizome-gawa River), "Rashomon," (The Rashomon Gate), "Taniko" (The Valley Rite), "Matsuyama Kagami" (The Mirror of Pine Forest), "Danpu," and "Taizanboku" (The Magnolia).

Kazuyuki FUKUO is his eldest son; Tomotaka FUKUO is his second son (Both of them are Noh actors). Tadayo FUKUO is his third son (soccer player).