Kobayakawa Shigekage (小早川重景)

Shigekage KOBAYAKAWA (year of birth and death unknown) is a busho (Japanese military commander) over the end of the Kamakura period and the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He is the fourth family head of the Kobayakawa clan. Hokoshu (a military post in Muromachi Shogunate). His father is Sukekage KOBAYAKAWA.

Because his father Sukekage KOBAYAKAWA died in Nara in March, 1338, he succeeded Takehara no sho (manor) in Tsu District, Aki Province (Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture), a part of Itanishi-shita no sho (manor), Awa Province (Itano-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima Prefecture) and Mokake no sho (manor) in Bizen Province (Mushiake, Oku-cho, Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture) from his grandfather Kagemune KOBAYAKAWA, and took over as head of the Takehara-Kobayakawa family.

He held a trial against Taneyasu CHIBA for the residential area on Aburakoji-dori Street in Horikawa, Shijo-dori Street, Kyoto Prefecture in 1345, and won the case with the decision of Takakage SHIJO.