Yoshioka Shigekata (吉岡重賢)

Shigekata YOSHIOKA (date of birth is unknown - August 8, 1613) was an expert swordsman from the Azuchi Momoyama period to the Edo period. He went by the name of Kiyojiro. He was a younger brother (according to another account, younger cousin) of Naotsuna YOSHIOKA and Naoshige YOSHIOKA.

He was born as a son (or nephew) of Naokata YOSHIOKA, the third Headmaster of Yoshioka school of swordsmanship. In 1613, in the midst of performance of Noh play (the common men were also privileged to see) at the feast to celebrate the completion of reconstruction of the Great Buddha hall of Hoko-ji Temple held by Hideyori TOYOTOMI in the Kinri (Imperial Palace), Shigekata YOSHIOKA (who was allegedly on bad terms with Yazaemon TADAMI) was assaulted by an officer Yazaemon TADAMI who admonishing him for his attitude, and killed and wounded many persons including Tadami, before finally being killed by Kaneuji OTA who was a vassal of Katsushige ITAKURA, Kyoto shoshidai (the Kyoto deputy).