Matsudaira Shigekatsu (松平重勝)

Shigekatsu MATSUDAIRA (1549 - January 6, 1621) was daimyo (a Japanese feudal lord) in the early Edo period. He held posts of the lord of Sanjo Domain in Echigo Province, the lord of Sekishuku Domain in Shimofusa Province, and the first lord of Yokosuka Domain in Totomi Province. He was the first head of the Nomi-Matsudaira family of Kitsuki Domain.

Shigekatsu was the fourth son of Shigeyosi MATSUDAIRA (but this is just one of views). His mother was a daughter of Chikanaga IWATSU-MATSUDAIRA (but this is just one of views). His lawful wife was a daughter of Tadayoshi TORII. He had children such as Shigetada MATSUDAIRA (the first son), Shigenaga MATSUDAIRA (the second son), Shigenori MATSUDAIRA (the third son), Shigenobu MATSUDAIRA (the fourth son), Katsutaka MATSUDAIRA (the fifth son), and a daughter (wife of Ujimoro IWASE). He served as Osumi no kuni no kami (Governor of Osumi Province).

Shigekatsu was oban gashira (captains of the great guards) in the early Edo period, serving Ieyasu TOKUGAWA. He became shugo (a provincial military governor) of Fushimi-jo Castle in 1605, and was given the fief of Sanjo, Echigo yielding 20,000 koku after becoming the attendant chief retainer for Tadateru MATSUDAIRA, the sixth son of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA in 1612. Since Shigetada, his eldest son, served as oban gashira in the shogun family, Shigekatsu had Shigenaga, his second son, stay with him.

In later years, Tadateru, Shigekatsu's lord, was dismissed from his post and deprived of his fief for punishment, and an envoy of the shogun was Katsutaka, the fifth son of Shigekatsu. At the time of pronouncement of the dismissal and deprivation, both Shigekatsu and Shigenaga attended on the envoy Katsutaka.

After the dismissal of Tadateru, Shigekatsu became the lord of Sekishuku Domain in Shimousa Province, serving Hidetada TOKUGAWA. After that, he moved to Yokosuka Domain in Totomi Province in 1619. He died in 1620. Shigetada, the oldest son and heir succeeded him.