Hino Shigemasa (日野重政)

Shigemasa HINO (year of birth unknown - October 24, 1443) was the 23rd Head of the Hino family. Shigemasa was the oldest son of Yoshisuke HINO. Shigemasa initially called himself Masamitsu. Shigemasa's homyo (Buddhist priest name) was Koson. Shigemasa was a Kurodo (alternatively called Kurando, which was an imperial-archives keeper), Ushoben (Minor Controller of the Right) and Zo-junii Naidaijin (Minister of the Center of Junior Second Rank, posthumously conferred). Shigemasa's children included Katsumitsu HINO and Tomiko HINO.

As Shigemasa's father Yoshisuke was ordered by the sixth Shogun Yoshinori ASHIKAGA to be placed under house arrest, Shigemasa succeeded Head of the family. In 1434 Yoshisuke was assassinated by the sixth Shogun Yoshinori ASHIKAGA, and Shigemasa thereby entered the Buddhist priesthood and his individual landholdings were confiscated.

Shigemasa's aunt Shigeko HINO arranged that the family estate be succeeded by Shigemasa's heir Katsumitsu. Later, Shigemasa was laicized (exclaustrated) and named himself Shigemasa, thus begetting his daughter Tomiko HINO.