Mikumo Shigemochi (三雲成持)

Shigemochi MIKUMO (1540 - 1603) was a military commander of the Sengoku (warring states) period. His father was Sadamochi MIKUMO. Shigenaga MIKUMO was his son.

Initially Shigemochi took service with the Rokkaku clan, a daimyo in the Sengoku period in the southern Omi Province. He took over the family estate in 1566 as his elder brother Katamochi MIKUMO died in the battle against Nagamasa ASAI. The next year, he signed the Rokkaku clan shikimoku (a code of laws) which was the clan's bunkokuho (a statute imposed by a warlord). It appears, however, that Shigemochi was an influential figure for the Rokkaku clan, being what should be called as an ally rather than a vassal. It is said that he was in a position of considerable authority being able to, for instance, control temples and shrines or to decide on rewarding, at his own discretion.

After the fall of the Rokkaku clan in 1568 due to the invasion by Nobunaga ODA, Shigemochi became a ronin (a lordless samurai), but in around 1584 he took service with Nobukatsu ODA and then with Ujisato GAMO.

Incidentally, some say that a child of Katamochi MIKUMO, Shigemochi's elder brother, is the model for Sasuke SARUTOBI, a ninja well known for being one of the Sanada Juyushi members (Sanada ten braves) (see the section for Sasuke SARUTOBI for further details).