Matsudaira Shigenori (松平重則)

Shigenori MATSUDAIRA was the lord of the Hyakushu Domain in Kazusa Province and the first lord of the Minakawa Domain in Shimotsuke Province.

In 1580, he was born as the third son of Shigekatsu MATSUDAIRA. Starting from 1598, he served Hidetada TOKUGAWA and, on the occasion of the battle of Sekigahara in 1600, he followed Hidetada and take part in attacking the Ueda-jo Castle in Shinano Province. Later, he assumed the position of joban (position to assist jodai (chief in charge of his master's castle)) for Fushimi-jo Castle and Nijo-jo Castle and in 1613, he assumed the position of okachigashira (commander of foot soldiers of Edo or pre-Edo time). When Hidetada's younger brother, Tadateru MATSUDAIRA was deprived of his status and forfeited his territory in 1616, he worked as an envoy to transmit the order of domiciliary confinement.

On January 21, 1621, he assumed the position of obangashira (captains of the great guard). In December 1626, he was conferred a rank and appointed to a post. On April 23, 1633, he was awarded with an increase of 4,000 goku and became a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) for 10,500 koku in total and became the lord of Hyakushu Domain in Kazusa Province. In 1640, he was transferred to Minagawa Domain in Shimotsuke Province and he died on December 27, next year. He was sixty-two years old.

His first son, Shigemasa succeeded him.
Graveyard: Shinpo-ji Temple, Kojimachi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Prefecture