Matsudaira Shigetada (松平重忠)

Shigetada MATSUDAIRA (1570 - August 22, 1626) was a busho (Japanese military commander) and daimyo (Japanese territorial lord) from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the Edo period. He was the second lord of the Yokosuka Domain, Totomi Province and the first lord of the Kaminoyama Domain, Dewa Province. He was the second generation of the Nomi Matsudaira family in Kitsuki Domain.

The oldest son of Shigekatsu MATSUDAIRA, the first lord of the Yokosuka Domain. His mother was the daughter of Tadayoshi TORII. His younger brothers included Shigenaga MATSUDAIRA and Katsutaka MATSUDAIRA. His lawful wife was the daughter of Tadatsugu TODA. The second wife of Tadamasa YASHIRO and the lawful wife of Shigenao MATSUDAIRA were his daughters. Shigenao MATSUDAIRA was his adopted son. His official rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). He was Tango no kuni no kami (Governor of Tango Province).

In 1612, he became Oban gashira (captains of the great guards). When Osaka no Eki (The Siege of Osaka) began in 1614, he was involved in the attack on Osaka-jo Castle in winter and worked to secure Fushimi-jo Castle in summer. In 1621, he was appointed to the keeper of Sunpu-jo Castle. In the same year, he took over as the head of the family and became the lord of the Yokosuka Domain. In 1622, he was transferred to the Kaminoyama Domain, Dewa Province with his revenues increased to 40,000 koku. On August 22, 1626, he died at the age of 57. His grave is located in Dentsu-in Temple in Koishikawa, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo Prefecture. His adopted child, Shigenao earned a punishment with deprivation of 10,000 koku and was transferred to the Sanda Domain, Settsu Province with reduced revenues of 30,000 koku.