Okamoto Shigeyuki (岡本重之)

Shigeyuki OKAMOTO (1651 - April 7, 1711) was a vassal of Naganori ASANO, the lord of the Ako Domain. He was an Osaka rusuiyaku (a person representing the master during his absence) and was given 400 koku. He was one of the vassals 'notorious for being unloyal to their lord' because he broke the oath of the revenge although he had been given considerably a large amount of salary. His common name was Jirosaemon.

Since his wife was Ben, the second daughter of Nobusumi OISHI, another vassal of the Ako Domain, Shigeyuki was an elder brother-in-law of Nobukiyo OISHI (Nobusymi's second son), one of the Ako Forty-seven Ronins. His wife, Ben, died at the age of 20 on January 4, 1691. After the affair of sword fight on April 21, 1701, under Kuranosuke OISHI's instruction, Shigeyuki left the residence in Osaka and returned to Ako on May 17.
According to 'Goseki Kenbunki,' although the name of Shigeyuki was found among the 79 warriors who handed in 'Shinmon Keppansho' (paper with a seal of blood) to the head of chief retainers, Yoshio OISHI, before the surrender of Ako Castle, the name was not mentioned in other 'Keppansho.'
After the surrender of Ako Castle, Shigeyuki moved to Fushimi and contributed to the campaign for the restoration of the Asano clan, which was led by Kuranosuke (Yoshio) OISHI. However, on July 1702, it was decided that Nagahiro ASANO, the younger brother of Takuminokami ASANO was sent to the head family of the Asano clan in Hiroshima as a prisoner for ever, and the restoration of the Asano clan became impossible. Kuranosuke changed the campaign into the revenge and when he asked the participants of the 'Shinmon Keppansho' whether they would join the revenge or leave, Shigeyuki OKAMOTO decided to leave. Afterwards, he lived in Otokuni District, Yamashiro Province and died on April 7, 1711. He died at the age of 61. He was buried in Shonen-ji Temple in Saga. His Buddhist name was Shindogiyukoji.