Kurino Shinichiro (栗野慎一郎)

Shinichiro KURINO (November 29, 1851 - November 15, 1937) was a Japanese diplomat in the Meiji and Taisho eras.

Biography and Personal Profile

Shinichiro was born in Fukuoka Prefecture as the first son of Shoemon KURINO, Sojutsu Shihan (Grand master of the art of the spearmanship) of the Fukuoka Domain. He studied at Hanko (Domain school) Shuyukan. He graduated from Harvard University as an overseas student on a domain scholarship by the order of Nagahiro KURODA, the eleventh lord of the Fukuoka Domain. He entered Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and after he held successively the posts such as Leader of Investigation Bureau, Leader of Government Affairs Bureau, the Minister to the U.S.A., the Minister to Italy, and the Minister to France, in the beginning of the twentieth century, he had been making every effort at diplomatic negotiations as Minister to Russia just before the Russo-Japanese War began. On February 6, 1904, he handed in the official document to notify Russia Government of the extinction of the diplomatic relations by the order of Minister of Foreign Affairs Jutaro KOMURA.

After that, in 1906 when the Legation in France was promoted to the Embassy, he was appointed as the first Ambassador to France, and in the next year, 1907, he concluded the Contract between France and Japan.

In 1932, he assumed the post of Privy Councilor. In 1937, Kun-itto (Order of First Class), Kyokujitsu-Toka Daijusho (Order of the Rising Sun with Paulownia Flower, Grand Cordon) was conferred on him.