Matsuzaki Shizuma (松崎静馬)

Shizuma MATSUZAKI (year of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Mibu Roshi-gumi (masterless samurai group of Mibu) and the Shinsengumi (a Tokugawa shogunate police force located in Kyoto). His name is usually written as 松崎静馬 in Japanese, but some materials may refer to him as 松崎野馬.

He joined the corps in or after July 1863, and he participated in the Coup of August 18. He does not appear in any material after the Coup, with confirmation that he was not in the corps when the Ikedaya Incident occurred.

Subsequent Life
As his name is in the 'persons died from accidents or disease' section on the stone monument erected in Itabashi by Shinpachi NAGAKURA, it is believed that he died while he was in the corps for reasons still unknown.