Matsuki Shonen (松木松年)

Shonen MATSUKI (male, 1843 - December 28, 1917) is a tenkoku artist and a painter from the end of Edo period to modern Japan.

His name was Kusuhiko and his Azana is Shion, and Shonen is his first Go (a second name or alias), then he called himself Koun or Goho. He was born in Isewatarai County.

Brief Biography
He was a child of Takehiko MATSUKI and an adopted child of Shinahiko MATSUKI. He served as Negi (Shinto priest) in Ise Jingu Shirine. He was ranked in the official court ranking in the end of Edo period but he returned the award after the Meiji Restoration, which he was then promoted to Jushichii (Junior Seventh Rank). He learned paintings from Aizan TANIGUCHI and Sekka MATSUDA, and learned Tenkoku (seal-engraving) from Tanin FUKUI as his disciple. He produced his own Inpu (compilation of seal marks) "Goho Inpu". He also studied Japanese horse-back archery technique under Matazo HAYASHI of Otsubo school.

He died at 75.