Kawai Shoseki (河井章石)

Shoseki KAWAI (male, 1876-1956) was a tenkokuka (artist of seal engraving) who was active in Kyoto.

His original family name was KAWAI (川井); however, KAWAI (河井) was used instead due to an error in family register. He was from Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

Brief biography

Born as the second son of Senemon KAWAI, who was known as a good seal maker in Nijo Minami, Teramachi, Kyoto. Like his older brother Senro KAWAI, he learned seal engraving under Kaishin SHINODA. In 1903, he took over Kawai Seiseiken, his family business, since Senro moved to Tokyo. He also formed Kinsei insha and endeavored to cultivate many tenkokuka.

He made seals for the literati and the official, and he could use most of the calligraphic style as appropriate. Especially he was good at Yamato kointai (old style created in Japan). "Muryoju Butsudo Inpu" which collected Tessai TOMIOKA's seals for personal use and "Yososai Inpu" which collected Keinen IMAO's seals for personal use were Inpu (compilation of seal marks) stamped and made by Shoseki and his family. His disciples included Todo MIZUNO.