Masuda Shozo (増田正造)

Shozo MASUDA (1930 -) is a Japanese researcher of traditional Japanese Noh drama.

Graduated from prefectural schools and the Dept. of Japanese Literature at Waseda University. After World War II, MASUDA was deeply impressed by the Noh dramas of Kasetsu KANZE and started efforts in introducing and researching Noh dramas till today. MASUDA worked as a lecturer at Musashino Women's College and is currently an Emeritus Professor at Musashino University. Shozo MASUDA's long-selling book "Noh Expressions" ("能の表現") is an easy-to-understand introduction to Noh drama. MASUDA's book "Noh and Modern Literature" ("能と近代文学") won the Hosei University Hisao KANZE Memorial Noh Drama Prize.

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