Soboku (宗牧)

Soboku (date unknown-November 6, 1545) was a Renga (poem composed of lines linked in idea but written by two or more people) master of the Sengoku period (Period of Warring States) (Japan). Details about his parents were uncertain, but his last name was of the Tani clan. He was born in Ichijodani, Echigo Province. His go (title) was Kochikusai (孤竹斎). Among his children, there was Soyo, who became a Renga master.

He studied as a pupil under Socho and Soseki and travelled to various places. He also went in and out of the residence of Sanetaka SANJONISHI, who was Kajin (poet of Japanese poems), and Kuge (Aristocrat), and the Konoe family, who was one of the Sekkan family (line of regents and advisors), and became Renga sosho (master poet) in 1536. He travelled to eastern provinces with Soyo in 1544. He delivered the imperial letter from Emperor Gonara to Nobuhide ODA of Owari Province on the way. However, he passed away in Sano, Shimotsuke Province while trying to return to Kyoto. He made the huge compilation of Renga handed down for many generations and influenced the future works of Renga and Haikai (seventeen-syllable verse).

Among his works that he left behind, there were 'Yajima Shorinan Hyakuin,' which he read with his master, Socho, and several 'Soboku Kushu' (Collection of Soboku).